Online Counselling for Ex-Pats in France

In addition to working face-to-face with clients in my practice room here in York I also offer online counselling to English-speaking Ex Pats who are based in France.

Currently I offer this online service each Thursday and Friday.

If you’re a British Ex-Pat in France then you may experience challenges similar to those we face in the UK, whether that’s bereavement, relationship difficulties, work issues, family problems…

And living away from our country of origin may create its own challenges. Perhaps;

– you’re far away from others you care about such as grandchildren or older family members
– you’re experiencing the stresses of change or disorientation
– you’re feeling lost, disconnected or directionless

Richard Kershaw Reg.MBACP(Accred)

It is possible to find ‘face-to-face’ counselling in France which is conducted in English – see, for example, . But accessing professional help in face-to-face sessions may be impractical for you because of geography or language.

If you’ve found yourself in this kind of situation, then online counselling may be an option for you.

I use Skype or Facetime for online counselling with clients who are in France. Our work together is framed as if you were in my practice room here in the UK (unless you face the risk of harm to self or others, or of psychiatric relapse – in which case I recommend you read these notes on risk).

Something in your current experience has brought you this far.
What I would say is Contact MeLet’s talk about how we might work together

When we meet online you’ll need a space which is quiet and comfortable for an hour.
There’s more guidance on creating an effective counselling space here, where you can also download an information sheet.