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Looking more closely at ‘Can’t’

Let’s suppose I’m really scared about that presentation at the team meeting. When discussing my difficulties with making the presentation it’s tempting to say “I can’t do it, I just can’t…” My performance at the meeting may be a source of

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Feelings in our Early Family

Some authentic feelings may have been forbidden in early family life. Other feelings (or ‘Racket Feelings’) may have been allowed as replacements for the ones that weren’t allowed. Some feelings were forbidden In family situations it is likely that expressing

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Take the ‘Feelings 101’

Would you like to understand your feelings better? Perhaps you have questions like; Why do I always end up feeling this way? Why won’t this feeling just ‘go away’? Why should I feel like this now? I’ve been it some

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Dealing with Panic

Having a panic attack is certainly a frightening experience and may leave you wondering ‘what’s wrong with me?’ ‘Am I ill?’ ‘Am I going mad?’  A useful, four-fold approach to dealing with panic is; Clarification Normalisation Coping Exploration This approach is

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