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How often have you heard “Follow Your Heart”? How often have you thought “OK, but how?!!” You may have heard a version that says “Follow Your Heart but Take Your Head With You”. I believe that this is more useful

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Feelings are natural reactions. Just like hunger or thirst, if we didn’t need them our bodies wouldn’t do all the physical/hormonal parts so effectively, consistently or universally. Like hunger or thirst, our feelings are offering us information. Think of this

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Are you old enough to remember Green Shield stamps or Coop stamps? Each time we made a purchase in a certain shop, we were given a sticky stamp to stick in a savings book. When the book was full of

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This is an idea borrowed from Buddhism with a little help from Transactional Analysis. Imagine standing by a river which is flowing from left to right. On the left, feelings arise and come to the water’s surface, they flow past

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Would you like to understand your feelings better? Perhaps you have questions like; Why do I always end up feeling this way? Why won’t this feeling just ‘go away’? Why should I feel like this now? I’ve been it some

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Why have feelings? What’s the point? Feelings are natural reactions to real situations. They have a physical and a psychological impact. They are useful because they give us information about the situation we are it. Not having feelings would be

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