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How often have you heard “Follow Your Heart”? How often have you thought “OK, but how?!!” You may have heard a version that says “Follow Your Heart but Take Your Head With You”. I believe that this is more useful

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Would you like to understand your feelings better? Perhaps you have questions like; Why do I always end up feeling this way? Why won’t this feeling just ‘go away’? Why should I feel like this now? I’ve been it some

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Stress at Work? – Here’s some information that will help – As a human being your resources are not infinite, they are finite. My guess is that, if we were at work together, I’d be admiring your values right now. Your great

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There are several key approaches to TA which together form the majority of theories and models used in TA Psychotherapy and Counselling; The Classical School This is the earliest view of TA as developed by Eric Berne and his immediate

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Transactional Analysis (or TA) is a theory of personality and communication, a set of models which describes how people are made-up, and how they behave, psychologically. Many of TA’s key ideas were developed by Eric Berne in the 1960’s and

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