Individual Counselling

Everyone who comes into therapy does so for unique reasons.

  • Sometimes our usual patterns of relating or being in the World just don’t seem to be enough to deal with a new situation.
  • Maybe a longstanding problem reaches a point where now is the time that things need to change.
  • Or, perhaps in an otherwise tranquil life, some external event or loss upsets everything and we need space to explore its impact.
Sometimes our internal weather seems heavy and grey

All of us have a tendency to grow and heal. Both of these are completely natural. Most often we mature spontaneously and grow despite, or perhaps as a result of, the difficulties and challenges that life presents to us.

But sometimes this natural process of growth seems blocked. Are any of these familiar to you?

  • Yet another relationship has ended in a similar way to previous ones
  • You know that couples counselling would be useful but your partner doesn’t want that
  • You seem to be at a lifestage or turning point and feel unsure about the future
  • Life seems too much and the world can be a scary place
  • You seem always to be low in energy and no longer having fun
  • You’ve been prescribed medication for anxiety or depression by your GP
  • A close friend or relative has just passed away leaving an enormous space
A ‘breakdown’ in our familiar structures might also be a ‘breakthrough’

Individual counselling offers a way beyond your blockages to growth. Here’s a space to talk and be fully heard. I will be your ally and walk beside you in this without judgement. Your blockages to growth can be invited away or have their ‘volume turned down’ to allow you to become your fullest self.

When we are our fullest selves;

  • relationships come easy to us and, where there are difficulties, we’re every bit enough to deal with this
  • we spend more time doing what we want and getting what we need
  • we’re out in the world in an able and relaxed way, ready to meet it and be welcomed by it
Our natural tendency to grow forwards can be supported

I won’t tell you ‘what to do’. I don’t have the answers. Although I have skills & experience in counselling, I’m not the ‘expert about you’. You are the expert about you.

Here is some information which you may not be aware of but which I know for sure is true; No matter what you’ve been through, no matter how much it’s hurting right now, no matter what you’ve been told or what you tell yourself – You are absolutely and unconditionally enough.

And there is a part of you (the part of you that found this website) that can see a way forward. Together we can ‘tune-in’ to that part of you and invite it into action. Use the contact from below to send me an email – let’s talk about your specific needs and discuss how we might begin our journey together.