My Therapy Practice

I’m a qualified therapeutic counsellor, registered and accredited by BACP. I’ve been working with people suffering from emotional distress and mental illness since 2001, and began training as a counsellor in 2004.

My training

I began my counsellor training at York St. John where the emphasis was on Person Centred Counselling (Certficate in Person Centred Counselling, 2006).

After this I decided to focus on Transactional Analysis (TA) and trained at Leeds Psychotherapy Training Institute before continuing at The Ellesmere Centre in Hull.

I gained my Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling in 2012.

What I offer

My Person-Centred style offers an experience of being fully ‘met’, ‘attuned to’ and ‘walked beside’ as you experience your current difficulties. TA may feel more cognitive, and I’m happy to share TA models with you if we agree that would be useful.

Both TA and the Person Centred Approach recognise the fundamental ‘humanness’ in each of us and know that we’re all able to change and grow through difficulties by looking within. So I’m comfortable with integrating these two approaches. This seems to bring a relational feel to my work which can move directly towards the middle of things.

Professional Membership

I’m Registered and Accredited by BACP, which is the UK’s largest professional membership organisation for counsellors.

Richard Kershaw Reg.BACP(Accred)

The BACP register itself is accredited by The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care and this sets the benchmark for the practice of counselling in the UK.

It is a professional duty of all practising counsellors that we attend regular clinical supervision and ongoing training (Continuing Professional Development).

Where next?

I’m interested in how our embodied experiences of ourselves & others are broadcast into the relational field, and how this persists in online counselling, even without us being in the same room.

Contact Me

If you have any questions about my therapy practice, what working together might be like or if you’re wondering whether I might help in your specific situation then, I would say, contact me; use the contact form below to send me an email.