Counselling with Richard Kershaw Reg. MBACP (Accred)

Welcome to my website. I’ve been working with individual clients and couples since 2010 and, together, we have invited change into their lives.

Richard Kershaw Reg. MBACP(Accred)

We can all change and grow, you can change and grow, it’s just that sometimes there seem to be blockages to change; something, some situation, some experience, some relationship, somehow may feel stuck and painful.

In counselling we invite away those blockages to change so that the natural, growthful shift can begin to happen for you.

There is a natural tendency within all living things to change and grow forwards. This can be supported & encouraged.

Are You Experiencing…

  • A challenging relationship
  • The end of a relationship, perhaps in a way that seems similar to other endings
  • flat energy, or low mood
  • always tired, but wakeful in the night
  • ‘snapping’ and reactive with people you love, or with colleagues
  • facing the day with worry about something
  • stress at work, or around particular people there
  • being bullied or treated unfairly
  • perhaps you’ve lost someone close…
  • …or, someone close will soon be gone
  • a ‘lifestage‘ transition, in family, in a home or at work

If this has ‘gone on too long’ it may be that counselling is a way to really hear what has been building, what this experience is like for you, and what now needs to unfold.

Something within you has brought you this far, a part of you that knows ‘this can’t go on’; I would say ‘Contact Me’…

Contact Me

I offer an introductory session free of charge to individual clients as a way to begin to explore your current experience and how I might help.

And, if I can’t be of genuine help I can often suggest other ways forward.

Just complete my contact form below to send me an email.

Richard Kershaw Reg.BACP(Accred)

I’m registered and accredited by BACP, the UK’s largest professional membership organisation for counsellors.